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Mrs Dalloway Virginia Woolf (Wordsworth Classics):Abra-sua-mei

Virginia Woolf
Virginia Woolf Published in October 19, 2018, 11:13 pm
 Mrs Dalloway Virginia Woolf (Wordsworth Classics):Abra-sua-mei

Mrs Dalloway Virginia Woolf (Wordsworth Classics):Abra-sua-mei

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Kellie Bird
Kellie Bird Reply to on 10 September 2018
I didn't finish this read. I have little to say about it. I found it fairly one dimensional, which is ironic, considering this is a novel studied by millions across the globe. The characters are suitably postmodern, giving little to know and less to like. The style of writing is wonderfully advanced given its time, however, Mrs. Dalloway herself is so unbelievably dull that I just can't bring myself to care about anything that she has to say. As I understand, the story improves in the latter half. Unfortunately, I have a short attention span for prose of this kind and if it doesn't grab my attention in the initial chapters it swiftly ends up on the 'half read' pile.
caddy Reply to on 14 August 2018
I wanted to adore this book, it was recommended to me as the ultimate classic for character development, that it’s strips the person down in terms of their behavior and personality to all the things that lead to Mrs Dalloway to being Mrs Dalloway but on so many levels I just did not get this book, I couldn’t get my head into the heart of it. For a classic it’s very readable but I’d struggle to tell you what this book is actually about
John Smith
John Smith Reply to on 31 October 2014
Read this book in preparation for an English Literature course at university.It's the kind of novel that keeps you hooked and it was obviously chosen because it is a landmark novel. It is one of of the waypoints on the road to the modern novel as we know it. The book is very well written and Woolf creates a sense of each character's whole life with a few deft strokes of her pen. I think I am going to enjoy finding out more about this novel in my course. My appetite has been whetted by reading it.
Sophie Cayeux
Sophie Cayeux Reply to on 5 February 2016
It the the nth time that I read this book and I still enjoy it as much as the first time. Virginia Woolf's description of mental illness and its causes is so striking and poignant. Snow Beach
Bernard Moore
Bernard Moore Reply to on 22 July 2014
There is a sense that Mrs Dalloway is an onlooker of her materially privileged life. People of note, influence and personal quality flit by but make little impression on her. She has a role to play as hostess on this day of the dinner party buti s not absorbed or fulfilled. There is a growing sense of loneliness in her portrayal. A woman in a world not of her making. A day in the life of an upper-middle class lady is described with great deftness.and observation.
sctrainer Reply to on 18 April 2013
This is one of her best known works and covers a day in the life of the titular character. Like Joyce's "Ullyses" it is a stream of consciousness story with various characters sharing their thoughts; though much easier to follow. I enjoyed it very much though the total lack of chapters means it is difficult to stop reading in case you forget your place. One of the things that I enjoyed was the 1920's end of empire feel. I think it is an easier read than "To the Lighthouse", so maybe you could read this on the beach..
Laurena Reply to on 25 September 2017
Very bad quality. The ink will rub off as you read.
N Reply to on 20 April 2013
For fans of Virginia Woolf this is definitely a worthy purchase. For first time readers like me, it is still worthy. However, it's true what they say you either love the flowery language and get absorbed, or get lost. As a first time reader, I thought it best to get the cheaper Kindle version for studies. I'm glad I did because within the first few pages I was lost. If you're studying it or lots of descriptive language is your thing it's definitely worth getting.
Euan Hammond
Euan Hammond Reply to on 14 October 2014
Woolf's representation of post war London is enthralling. The modernist style she pioneers is a creation of genius; a simply stunning redesign of the traditional novel style. At the same time drawing on and moving away from the styles present in Victorian literature, Woolf creates a never seen before narrative form, combining fluidly a mobile narrator, seemingly dipping into the consciousness if her characters; a 3rd person omniscient viewpoint and a dancing combination of free direct and indirect discourse, which brings the novel form closer to presenting the real state of one's thoughts in one's head than anything preceding it.
Ms. E. Burton
Ms. E. Burton Reply to on 11 August 2018
the book arrived in perfect condition on time. Quite heavy going, though I shall persevere as it has some merit being a classic.
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