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Waitin' For The Sun:Abra-sua-mei

Rusty Young
Rusty Young Published in October 19, 2018, 11:11 pm
 Waitin' For The Sun:Abra-sua-mei

Waitin' For The Sun:Abra-sua-mei

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TONY KERRY Reply to on 26 November 2017
This was a long time coming from the faithful Poco man. A truly outstanding musician and as he shows on this album not a bad vocalist either. Any fans of Poco and country rock will love this and wonder why this remarkable man left it to his 70s to make a solo album. Better late than never. Good on you Rusty!
Peverley Reply to on 4 October 2017
great solo first solo album, if you love poco this is a must have for your collection,
P. R. Phillips
P. R. Phillips Reply to on 16 October 2017
This is Rusty Young at his Poco best. It is excellent country rock and resembles early Poco. The music on this album is smooth and melodious and has a touch of Eagles to it..
A. Dempsey
A. Dempsey Reply to on 4 December 2017
Brilliant the real force behind poco a good poco all but in name I'll say it again brilliant brilliant brilliant
kenneth Reply to on 25 January 2018
Excellent product.
Torben Retboll
Torben Retboll Reply to on 21 December 2017
Rusty Young, who was born in 1946, was one of the founding members of POCO, when the band was formed in 1968. Over the years, the line-up of the band changed frequently: members came and left. The only one who was there the whole time was Rusty Young.

POCO released several studio albums and live recordings. Their last studio album All Fired Up was released in 2013. In 2014, Rusty Young announced that he was going to retire.

But it seems his career as a musician is not quite over: in September 2017 he released a solo album, his first solo album in a career which spans 50 years.

The CD comes in a cardboard cover which has two pockets. In the first pocket you will find the disc with ten tracks. In the second pocket you will an 8-page booklet with lyrics and some photos.

As stated above, there are ten tracks on the album. Here are the titles:

# 01. Waitin’ for the Sun
# 02. My Friend
# 03. Honey Bee
# 04. Sara’s Song
# 05. Heaven Tonight

# 06. Hey There
# 07. Seasons (instrumental)
# 08. Innocent Moon
# 09. Down Home
# 10. Gonna Let the Rain

All tracks are written and composed by Rusty Young. The album runs for 37 minutes. Studio: Drifter’s Church & Blue Elan Records

The following musicians appear on the album:

** Rusty Young – electric and acoustic guitars, pedal steel guitar, dobro, banjo, mandolin, vocals
** Michael Webb – piano, mandolin
** Jack Sundrud – bass, vocals
** Rick Lonow – drums, percussion
** Jim Hole – saxophone on “Heaven Tonight”

** Tommy Rodgers – fiddle on “Down Home” & “Hey There”
** Jim Messina – guitar on “Honey Bee”
** George Grantham – percussion on “Honey Bee”
** Lisa Oliver Grey & Jen Friend – vocals on “Gonna Let the Rain”
** Ritchie Furay & Timothy B. Schmit – vocals on “My Friend”

When you look at the names, you may notice that some of them are former members of POCO.

How is the solo album? What about the music? What about the lyrics? If you like POCO, you are going to like this album. It sounds a lot like POCO, which is hardly surprising. I like the music. My favourite tracks are the following:

# 02. My Friend
# 07. Seasons (instrumental)
# 10. Gonna Let the Rain

It is a shame the instrumental track “Seasons” is also one of the shortest tracks. It could (and should) have been longer than 2 minutes and 32 seconds. Only one track (“Down Home”) is shorter than “Seasons.”

The lyrics are not impressive. “The sun comes up; the sun goes down.” This idea is used several times. “Hey there. What’s your name? Would you like to be my friend?” We have heard that one before.

The last tracks opens with these words: “I’m gonna let the rain wash it all away - I’m gonna see the sun bring a brighter day.” There is a rhyme here, but the words are not very deep. In short: there are too many clichés here.

This album is good, but not great. Since it has been fifty years in the making, and since it may be his last, I was hoping for something really great. Something that would start out with the old POCO sound and then take it to a higher level. But this does not happen here.

We have the old POCO sound, which I love, but that is all. It does not go beyond that. I must admit I am a bit disappointed. Perhaps my expectations were too high?

I like this album, but I cannot say that I love it. Therefore I cannot offer five stars for this album. I have to remove one star. Therefore I think it deserves a rating of four stars.

PS. For more information, see the following book: Legend: The Story of POCO by Jerry Fuentes (2008).
Leonardo27 Reply to on 27 September 2017
No surprises here. In fact, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the one constant member of Poco since the band’s formation back in the sixties.

Assisted by various past and present band members, probably the only thing that sets this apart as a Rusty Young solo album is the fact that he wrote and sings all the songs, but it still sounds like a Poco record, and a good one at that.

Musically it’s fine. The one quibble is the largely unimaginative and clichéd lyric writing. We’ve been here many times before, although in fairness with certain notable exceptions that does unfortunately seem to be endemic of the genre. At least it’s refreshing to hear a country rock instrumental (“Seasons”) that doesn’t automatically reach for the default hoedown option.

Best tracks are “Gonna Let The Rain”, “Innocent Moon” and “Hey There”, while “Sara’s Song” – about the wedding of Rusty’s daughter – thankfully stops short of mawkishness.

Perhaps because of the overwhelming familiarity of Young’s style the album doesn’t quite deliver that “wow” factor, but on its own terms this will be welcomed for sure by Poco fans everywhere.
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