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Stephen J. Martin
Stephen J. Martin Published in October 19, 2018, 11:13 pm
 Ride On:Abra-sua-mei

Ride On:Abra-sua-mei


moses Reply to on 5 January 2009
Great book, the third of the trilogy. As the other reviewers say, read the other two first. If you are from Ireland, like Irish humour (especially Dublin humour) and enjoy craic, you will love these books.

If you don't understand craic, you will learn what it is by reading any of these three books.

Personally I feel these are great books, and I am looking forward to more works from this genius author.

A short word of caution, if you are easily offended, and don't appreciate the occasional (OK, frequent) expletive, there are other books you may enjoy. In my opinion, the language is suited to the genre of the situation and the story, so it is not offensive to me.

As a family, we love the book, and have bought copies for our friends.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 October 2017
Kevin Dufficy
Kevin Dufficy Reply to on 18 February 2013
If you have read the first 2 books in the trilogy you have to move on to this.It does sag a little in the middle but worth perservering with as the last part is really good.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 12 June 2016
Love this series... Wish there were more books in the series!
Christopher Dillon
Christopher Dillon Reply to on 7 March 2014
It's a fantastic read, very well written and I could not stop laughing. Hilarious and I just could not put it down!!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 6 June 2007
If you've read Stephen J. Martins other two books involving Jimmy, Aesop, Norman etc, then you're in for some treat! If not, what you waiting for?

'Ride on is Stephen J. Martins third book (after 'Superchick' and 'A Rock and a hard place')which deals with the hillarous rise of Irelands newest rock group The Grove. In this Martin's third (and according to some: final) book,We once again meet Jimmy and Aesop. This time The Grove have made it in Ireland and the lads are reaping the rewards of fame. Well Aesop is anyhow, Jimmy is just stressed. Aesop lands himself a stalker - it had to happen! So a bodyguard in the shape of the lads great mate Norman is drafted in to mind Aesop. This involves moving to Cork for a bit and the craic is relentless.

A seriously good read. The book will be adored by fans of the other two books but newcomers will not lose out. A must for any self respecting lover of music, comedy and of course excellently written books!
Kindle Customer
Kindle Customer Reply to on 18 November 2007
Couldn't wait to read this having read Superchick and Rock and A Hard Place and it didn't disapoint. Probably the best of the Triology which was had to imagine given how much I enjoyed the other two. Laughed out loud so many times I had to read it on my own. If you're from Dublin and like music, BUY THIS BOOK (but make sure you read the others first).
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