Abra-sua-mei C.K Magma MA2635 Technician Rucksack Plus:Abra-sua-mei
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C.K Magma MA2635 Technician Rucksack Plus:Abra-sua-mei

C.K Magma
C.K Magma Published in October 19, 2018, 11:12 pm
 C.K Magma MA2635 Technician Rucksack Plus:Abra-sua-mei

C.K Magma MA2635 Technician Rucksack Plus:Abra-sua-mei

Price:£49.99+ Free shipping with Travestiler Prime

Mr. S. Miller
Mr. S. Miller Reply to on 19 January 2016
This is my 3rd CK bag they have really let the side with poor quality workmanship. 1st bag of this type the stitching came un done around the zip
& now the 2nd Replacement bag the stitching has failed on the left shoulder strap with in 3 months use . I would not recommend CK bags to any trades at the moment as there just not reliable any more
mr m f b neil
mr m f b neil Reply to on 1 October 2018
First off I just want to make clear that thanks a great product and has vastly improved my work life,

The one this I am extremely disappointed about is that the stixkjnghas burst on one of the shoulder straps on my bag, this happened within a year of purchase... My job isn't demanding on this product.. I work in IT,

Just something to be aware of..
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 5 May 2018
if your going to fill all the slots and pockets provided don't bother with this product it is not fit for purpose
the shoulder strap on mine torn after 3 months and when i contacted the manufacturer i was sent (out of good will) a shoulder strap for a different item.
upon contacting them again i am still waiting for a response, which i don't think i will get
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 4 June 2017
Im going to give this 5 even though the bottom plastic part cracked. This isnt the bags fault though, I was working in -30 conditions and at that temperatures most plastics get brittle, I dropped the bag on the top of a scaffold tube, it cracked, not much though, the bag still works, its just not water proof though. Im loving this bag because it makes me carry less tools to work, everything has its place now in the holders, I am not carrying anything I dont need now. It looks cool too.
Skii Reply to on 24 January 2018
Not as big as I thought but still fits most of the electrical junk in it. Material is of a good quality nice sturdy solid base so it doesn't fall over and keeps my sparky happy. Worth the money.
Specialist. Reply to on 21 June 2015
Makes carrying around my Medical gas tools to service manifolds and outlets so easy, Just wish it had a cross strap at the front to pull the sholder straps in.
Ms. C. Fox
Ms. C. Fox Reply to on 20 May 2018
Strong and convenient with lots of storage in a compact space. Very comfortable to carry around too.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 14 January 2018
I was really impressed with this bag for the first few months. I only used it for my sidecutters and screw drivers and other basic hand tools. But the zip broke on Friday leaving me with no way to carry my tools home on my motorbike. Would of recommended it if it hadn’t of broken. Not impressed.
Martin W.
Martin W. Reply to on 4 October 2016
Poor quality. Seams ripped after 5 months. Quite small not very good. I won't recxomend. I won't be buying another one.
carl stewart
carl stewart Reply to on 21 August 2018
Does the job.
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